Friday, November 11, 2011


Today I would like—

Let's not make this decision hastily.

Dutch baby? No. Apple dumplings? No. Quiche? No.

Scones! Homemade, creamy, buttery scones, with currants. And bacon and poached eggs, with avocado on the side.

(Would you believe that no one grows avocados here? The tropics are completely wasted on these people.)

I should probably go take my cold shower and have my processed cheese and cracker breakfast. With instant coffee.

Some of the scones should be oat scones.


  1. I made scones the last time our lab prepared the departmental tea. It was my first attempt. They were okay, except for the batch I burnt. But the smell from those eventually resulted in one of my roommates deciding to move to a new apartment, and the bathroom has been far cleaner since. Yay scones!

  2. And apparently that was about a week before you posted this. Only just now appearing on my news feed, for some reason.