Friday, January 3, 2014

Dazed and confused

Austin is having its post-holiday pre-spring just now.

Pre-spring is a lot like winter, being as how it's still miserably cold and all, with the key difference that a few early-bird trees have started to bloom, most notably the cedar trees. As best I can tell, pretty much everyone is allergic to cedar trees.

So the air is filled with pollen, wafting off the Central Texas hills, and my head is filled with a fog that four cups of coffee and two sudafeds refuse to clear.

And that is my excuse for using my lunch break to write a blog post when I should be novelizing. Actually, I should be journalism-izing, as I’ve got two stories to write, fairly lengthy ones, too, but I cleaned house and can’t figure out where I put my notebook. Also there’s no deadline on them. I don't know how anyone can be productive without a deadline. So the Awful Space Opera is Plan B. 

And pointless blog posts about allergies is Plan C. 

There’s not really much to say about allergies, is there?

Is there some particular reason why everyone is allergic to something these days? Didn’t allergies used to be sort of rare? Or did people just not complain as much?

And… okay, this topic is played out. Happy New Year, everyone.

I’m also allergic to dust mites.