Friday, June 17, 2011

Writing about not writing

This is actually fun.

(Do I use the word “actually” too often? Do you look like you care?)

Even if, as is readily apparent, no one, not even the friend I drafted to be my official blog sounding board and accountability partner (yo, Kayla!), is reading this, it is awfully satisfying to actually (damn it) publish something on a regular basis.

Also, there's lots of cool fiddling about with design and links and reading of AdSense rules (please, please, please do not get me in trouble with the AdSense rules. They are mean. They cut off Allie Brosh, who is clearly the ultimate in awesome page viewing-ness. I can't even officially follow her, she's so awesome.) and otherwise maintaining my online presence, lots of things that are technically work and yet do not involve much actual writing.

Oooo, maybe I should be hunting down old film scripts to read, to learn from other people's styles. That would be productive. And easy.

And I'll need more coffee.

I also have some phone calls to make.

Oh dear. Apparently there's an almost endless supply of stock photos that can be my blog background image. Agggh, this is exactly how I screwed up my last job.

But I don't think there's any way forward until I've tried every single one of them.

This might actually be too much fun.

And the outer space pictures are shamefully limited. Although the planet earth shot provides a wonderful background for Milton Glaser's bald head in yesterday's post.

Okay, some of these background pictures are too dark for people to read the writing. And this is a blog about writing.

But I really, really like them. Do people need to actually see all the words?

This, too, is how I screwed up my last job.

See? I can fill up an entire work day without doing any actual writing.

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