Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I was hunting around for a rejected article to see if I could rework it to post here, and discovered that I have an enormous folder called “inactive projects.”

I had forgotten a lot of these old ideas. Some of them are just outlines, some just ten pages of random brainstorming, some actually include the beginnings of a rough draft.

When I started writing, I was terrified of becoming one of those people who talk a lot about the novel they're working on but actually Never Write. Someone who's always trying to find the time, the right workspace, the right routine. So I frantically found a way to put something down on paper most days.

But each day it was something different. Each idea seemed to peter out after one day and two pages. So, the next day, I would frantically come up with a new idea, anything to avoid having to log a day in which I Didn't Write.

But of course that leads us to yet another nightmare—maybe I am someone who Never Finishes Anything.

Failure has so very many faces.


  1. I feel your pain on the Never Finishing front, believe me.

    On the other hand, Jane Yolen, for example, talks about her "Large File" where she stashes all kinds of things - story beginnings, ideas that don't pan out (or at least haven't yet). Periodically she goes through it for ideas. Sounds to me like you have a Large File of your own. :)

    P.S. Thanks for the comment on my blog - my first comment! I will imagine, as we have each just started our writing blogs, that we will both rise to fame and publishedness, and we will wink at one another from across the blogosphere - cuz hey, we started writing blogs at the same time! It is a deeply significant bond. ;P

  2. Of course we will! How could we not?