Saturday, March 3, 2012


In preparation for my impending move, I've been doing a little research on Texas. Since it's an election year, it suddenly occurred to me that I might be moving to (gasp) an Early Primary State.

This is a crucial question: As you all undoubtedly know, or at least all of you who are Americans (my stats keep picking up hits from Russia, for some reason), voters who want to have an actual impact in a presidential election need to vote in a primary.Or live in a swing state.

Thing is, I don't really want to have an impact. Who needs that kind of responsibility? I don't like politicians, as rule, so voting early just means choosing the lesser of two (or eight) evils. That means research, and that means paying attention to parts of the news that don't involve a burglar shooting his own foot after the cat knocks over the tropical fish bowl.

As it turns out, there is both good news and bad news: the Texas primary, in April, is not as irrelevant as North Carolina's (May), but neither is it as nearly-competitive as the one in Georgia (March), where I was a registered voter (and odd job reporter covering local political issues!) for five exciting years.

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